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How to Stay Motivated to Study – Tips & Tricks

Subjects that appear to be boring, and stacks of homework that are lined up often turn out to be demotivating for the students. When students lack the motivation to study, they either try to escape it or take excessive stress regarding their studies. Both the situations are dangerous. Therefore, it is important for the students to have a constant motivation and willingness to study. It’s all about turning the ‘have to’ attitude into ‘want to’.

At Hallmark Public School, we are best amongst the Panchkula CBSE schools, and our endeavor is not just to impart education, but also to help the students absorb it in the best ways possible. Here are a few tips and tricks from the top school in Panchkula, on how to study well:

Preparing the Ground

To stay motivated at all times and study well, you have to prepare yourself and your surroundings in the right way. It starts with your place of study – keeps it clean, arranged and sophisticated. Make sure that all things you need – your study materials, pens and pencils, geometry box etc. are in place. Failing to find your things in the middle of the study can break the flow, irritating and demotivating you. Also, eat well and drink a lot of water before you start, to keep yourself high on energy.

Removing the Distractions

Many a time, students don’t feel motivated to study, because they are attracted by other things, which they find more interesting and luring. These attractions, or rather distractions, can be mobile phones, T.V., or even friends and family members. It is important to avoid these distractions as much as you can, at least during your study hours. Keep the mobile phone away, locked up, or hand it over to your mother! Try sitting in a closed and secluded room to study, so that there are minimal distractions.

Setting Up Goals

Goals that are achievable and realistic can prove to be your biggest motivation to study. Set up small and focussed goals instead of vague and generic ones. For example, don’t say that my goal is to become good at maths. Instead, challenge yourself to learn quadratic equations on one day, and the graph theory on the other. This will help you achieve the goals soon, and keep you motivated. You can also treat yourself, or gift yourself something every time you achieve a goal!!


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